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  • This document is OBLIGATORY for every newcomer.
  • This document should help you to get acquainted with all the services and facilities that are available to support your work at MBC.
  • The lab manager will guide you through the entire track within the first days and weeks of your stay in the MBC.
  • Print this document or use the paper version you received from the secretariat and return it to Veronique Palmans (secretariat) within one month after your arrival please
  • Also print this document or again use the paper version you received from the secretariat and fill out your personal information. Also return it to Veronique Palmans.
  • Visit the webpage ‘New@MBC’ for additional information:
______________________________Fill in______________________________
Your Name:
Your Lab Manager:
Your Scientific Mentor:
Your Group Leader:
Arrival Date:

Introduction by the Lab Manager

Steps Along Your Track Done? [ YesY ]
Guided tour around the building
Registration at the Secretariat (Administration + access UGent card)
IT Registration
DMPR Website, incl. New@DMPR
Safety (EHBO, Emergency Exits)
Waste Disposal
Locker/personal space

Introduction with the Room Responsibles

  • Ask your scientific mentor to tick the boxes of the rooms you will work in in the near future
  • When there are multiple room numbers, choose the one where you are about to work the most
  • Introduce yourself to the room managers of these rooms
  • Get a signature from the room manager after the introduction
  • If you want to work in a new room, always contact the room responsible for a training session
Work? [ YesY ] Central Room Room Number Signature
Room Responsible
Protein Electrophoresis Room
DNA Electrophoresis Room
LAF Room
Dark Room
Product Room
Cold Room
Freezer + Centrifuge Room
PCR Room
qPCR Robot
Stock Room
Wash Room & Sterilisation

Restricted Entrance Areas

If needed, ask badge permission to the responsible. Enter only after training.

Steps Along Your Track Room Number Responsibles
Tissue Culture
Animal House
BL2 (viral and bacterial)

Please return this document to Veronique Palmans (secretariat).