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Verzekering dienstreizen

  • VIB Personeel & reisverzekering: is reeds in orde, behalve buiten Europa en Zwitserland. Dit mag je aanvragen bij
  • UGent (FWO) Personeel & reisverzekering: is in orde via aanvraag Uniglobe Smart Travel

Dienstreizen boeken (Enkel na goedkeuring van PI)

1. Via budget VIB (bv. bij Omnia travel of andere)

Neem contact op met Veronique Palmans of Dirk Pollefliet voor informatie over budget

2. Via budget UGent

Aan de UGent is het voortaan verplicht alle vliegreizen te boeken bij Uniglobe Smart Travel. Vraag steeds eerst het WBS element aan Dirk Pollefliet of Veronique Palmans.

Online booking:

Via het elektronisch bestelplatform Apollo > Financiën > Raamovereenkomsten Handleiding (link nog te maken)

Offline booking (bijvoorbeeld bij groepsreizen of problemen):
  • Neem contact op met:

UNIGLOBE Smart Travel
Keizer Leopoldstraat 1C
9000 Gent
Tel.: 09/235.40.60
Accountmanager: Martine Reynebeau (

  • Hier zal de reisaanvraag ook in Apollo worden getoond

3. Zelf betaald

  • via onkostennota
  • steeds reisaanvraag registreren (SAP-Procedure):
    1. Log on to SAP on the UGent Athena-server.The first time you use Athena, you will need to activate your DICT account; you can find how to do this on the right side of the Athena log-on page.
    2. Log on to Athena, click on the SAP Gui icon, double click on the first line of the next screen, login again, and there you are. The first time you use SAP, you need to activate your SAP password via
    3. Now click on Algemeen, Onkostennota, Reisaanvraag, Reisaanvraag creëren (=create travel application).
    4. Enter all the required information: data (day, month and year separated by dots!!), Eerste reisbestem. (=first destination), Activiteit (select Seminar or Cursussen =course) and Reden (=reason: title of the congress or purpose of the stay abroad), etc. Andere bestemmingen (=other destinations) are to be specified only if you go to two or more congresses during the same trip. Leave Geraamde kosten (estimated costs) blank.
    5. Save the information by clicking on the save icon (a diskette) on top of the screen.
    6. You can now print your travel application by clicking on the printer icon in the form, but this is not necessary.
    7. Click on the mailbox icon at the bottom of the form. In “Documentinhoud” ask your group leader to approve your travel application and the chairman to confirm that he has received it. In the box “Ontvanger” enter the complete e-mail address of your group leader on the first line ( and the address of on the second line. Fill out your own e-mail address on the 3rd line. You can fill out more addresses if you want to inform other people. Use the UGent addresses, not the VIB-addresses.
    8. Click again on the mailbox at the top of the screen to complete your application.
    9. Important: before you leave, check the following: Did you receive the e-mailed approval of your group leader?
  • info over terugbetaling bij Dirk Pollefliet