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When you're new to VIB MBC you have to process a lot of information. To help you get started, check out this page!

  • Download and print the 'Newcomer Storyboard' if you haven't received it yet. This document is obligatory and tells you who to see and what to do when you first arrive at the MBC.
  • Feel welcome to ask information, advice or help from your lab manager or other people in the department.
  • Contact the room responsible when you first work in a particular room to get the necessary training and clearance.

A bunch of more detailed information is on the restricted intranet site and you need to log in to have access. But since you are new, you may not have a login yet.

Let's check! Do you have a VIB MBC (@vib-ugent.be) e-mail account?

  • YES -> you can log in for the intranet part of this site with your VIB MBC credentials, then come back to this page and use the link to the intranet pages below.
  • NO -> ask your mentor/PI/group leader or the secretariat to take action. They will do so only after you have completed the 'Newcomer Storyboard'.

With your VIB MBC credentials, you will be able to access the Detailed info for newcomers. This page contains info on absences (holidays, pregnancy leave, work-related travel, ...), placing orders, the copy machine, leaving the department, ...